Art Class ( 3 modules- 8 hours each)

Lessons in Drawing, painting, crafts, DIY’s, product design, presentation and exhibition

Music class (2 modules - 10hours Each)

Lessons on vocal warmups, vocal register, technical exercises, diction, reading music , performance preparation and experience.

Culinary class

Safety in the kitchen, cooking methods,preparation of stocks and soups, sauces, salads, vegetables, breakfast, main course and deserts. Presentation

Dance Class (2 modules-16 hours each)

For the dances we delve into contemporary dance but fused with a deep traditional/cultural touch. We appreciate our roots. So the dance steps will be based mostly on African cultural dances 

Acrobatics (2 modules - 10 hours each)

Cardio Warmups, physical exercises, Cro first position, wide hand position, elbow bends, leg backbends, chin stands, floating pike, reverse planks, running cartwheels, hand stands,  support, full show presentation

African Drumming ( 3 modules 6 hours each)

Introduction to the djembé, parts of the djembe, drum tones, drumming skills and technique, song and dance infusion, show presentation

Acting ( 3 modules - 10 hours each)

Introduction, stage and screen acting, ensemble creation, Movement and space, character development, objectives and tactics, voice, listening and reacting, stage direction and blocking, presentation..

Public Speech ( 2 modules  6 hours each)

Introduction, the speaker, the message, the Audience, the channel the feedback, the Noise, the situation.